A solo traveller is a person who travels the world without the company of other people. There are advantages and disadvantages of travelling alone abroad. If you are a beginner solo traveller, this article might be the best way to get started.  This article will give you 10 best ideas that you should know before you have started to travel solo.

If you are an experienced solo traveller, it is not a bad idea also to read this article, it may change the way you travel the world.

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1. Budgeting for your trip

As a solo traveller, you should know your budget before travelling abroad.  Your budget either on safari or climbing should determine the type of service. Numbers of days on trip and level of accommodation you can get. It can be either luxury, budget or mid-range trip.

You should make sure your trip budget covers everything from arrival to departure. Maybe you will be travelling to a new country far from home. For example Rwanda or Tanzania or even Uganda. Your budget should cover park fees, visa, hotel, transportation and insurance.

2. Choose your destination

Knowing exactly where you want to visit saves time and energy. It will help you to narrow down your search and budgeting. If you want to climb Everest in Nepal or Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  Is a good idea to start researching the destinations.

Get to know the key contacts like tour operators available. The rates and best time to visit and for what activity. For instance, if you want to visit Africa for a wildlife safari, the best time to do is during the dry season. It’s the best time to see wildebeest migratiion in Serengeti and Masai Mara.

3. Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance is bulletproof for your safari or trip anywhere in the world. There is some uncertainty while travelling abroad. Anything could happen which needs help. You might fall sick, or your staff get stolen or lost. You can claim that from the travel insurance companies.

Some travellers decide not to buy travel insurance. But you should know clearly that if anything goes wrong you’re responsible. Whether for medication or recovery of lost items or missing flights while abroad.

There are many reputable travel insurance companies around the world.  Safety comes first while travelling abroad. Either for safari or climbing or even beach holidays. It can be in Maldives, Diani Beach, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Zambezi Dubai etc.

4. Save money and have extra

It’s your holiday, right? You better have time and delay your travel to be able to save enough. Don’t forget the word “cash is the king” while on travel. Having enough money to cover all your travel costs. And even having extra for miscellaneous gives you peace of mind while on the trip.

Whether you are visiting Thailand, Mongolia, Cuba or even Egypt and Ethiopia. For historical tours. You might need some extra cash either to pay for extra trips. Giving tips for quality service offered or even buying souvenirs.  Save up for your trip before you decide to travel solo in any part of the world.

5. Book your trips with reliable tour operators

You should know by either researching or even asking for recommendations. It can be from friends or families who have been to the destination you wish to visit.

In some countries like Tanzania. There are some tours which are not offered by individuals. You must use licensed tour operators. Including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or even visiting Serengeti. Tour operators should pay for your permits and plan for your trip.

It could be different from other places around the world. But you can not be far from the truth that knowing the best companies or guides. Who can show you around in foreign destination is the best idea for the solo traveller.

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6. Book safe accommodation for solo- travellers

The growth numbers of B&B, homestay, eco-friendly hotels and hostels. Gives solo-travellers options for where to stay depending on their budget and preference.  Ask yourself what you need. which level of accommodation do you want? Either five stars hotel or a budget camping safari facility?

Remember that, any option you decide to choose will have an impact. For your budget and your trip experience. So choose wisely or consult your travel agency for help.

7. Safety while on destination

Travelling to a foreign destination and an exciting thing to do. But embrace the truth that not everyone you meet will be a good person. You should learn to have a low profile while in other countries. Don’t make yourself an easy target from pocket pickers or con-mans.

Everyone will find a way to sell you something or pursue you to help. Is very common around the world. Don’t fill shy to say “NO”. Don’t promise.

8. Packing list for your trip or safari

Your travelling solo to foreign destinations bare in mind simplicity. Pack a few staff and learn to live with those limitations. Having a light bag on safari can save you a lot. Whether on flights or even moving around the street.

You should only focus to pack essential items for that trip. If you travelling in Africa for wildlife safaris, leave your laptops at home. Many safari camps do not have a reliable power supply to charge your computer.  Be simple and enjoy your trip.

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9. Travel with cash- protect your identity

As you travel solo, you may need some money either pay for some extra services. It’s not advised to throw your credit to every local vendor who accepts credit cards or debit cards. Learn to protect your identity and it may help you to secure your cards if you travel with some cash.

If you’re visiting Africa, many places accept US dollars.  But if you want to buy something you should exchange your money for local currency. If you will be in Kenya you should need (KSH) in Tanzania (TZS), Uganda (UGX) and Rwanda  (RWF) in south Africa you need Rands.

10. Book your flight in advance

If you will travel far from your country, you should consider booking your flight earlier. This will help you to save a lot more than late booking. Many flight companies increase fares for late bookings. You should consider 3-1  month earlier booking before travelling.

Best tips for getting around as a solo traveller

Travelling to a foreign destination can affect your experience. Sometimes you might get lost or stuck on the way. These are a few tips to navigate across new cities for solo travellers.

Get oriented

A Hop On, Hop Off tour is great if you’re short on time or want to get

an overview of the city before you dig into its specifics.

Short walking around the city

There is no better way to get to know a city and understand its culture than walking. It slows you down so that you can see the nuances of society and understand how the city is designed.

Take local transit

If you are going to a non-English-speaking country. Research how the system works before you get there or ask at your hotel before you head out. Also, look for passes and special deals for tourist

Travel between destinations.

Whether you choose the train, bus, or plane, live within the limits of a carry-on bag or backpack. You’ll be happy you did as you manage to move around. From destination to destination with greater ease.